Choose from a variety of tempting candy apple toppings and create unique combinations that your customers will love.


Red candy apple coating is a popular treat, but we also carry other coating options like melted chocolate and caramel.

Take-Out Containers & Disposables

Send your customers home with their favorite carnival treats packaged in our candy apple takeout containers and disposables.

Cooking & Display Essentials

Creating trays of perfect candy apples and staying mess-free is easy with our collection of cooking and display essentials.

When you have all the necessary candy apple supplies on hand, you can either dip custom orders in front of patrons, or you can prepare apples in advance and package them in plastic candy apple bubbles. From salted pretzel caramel apples to toffee nut apples, you’ll have an enticing menu your guests won’t be able to resist. And, by decorating caramel apples and displaying them in a presentable way, you’ll be able to boost impulse sales. You may also want to check out these cake pop, lollipop, and candy apple sticks and ice cream toppings. These double boilers are great for melting caramel and chocolate for dipping.

Start Selling a Profitable Treat with Our Candy Apple Supplies

Candy apples and caramel apples are a top-selling treat that can boost sales at your concession stand or carnival booth. They’re cost-effective to prepare, and you only need some basic essentials to get started. We carry the products required to make this nostalgic dessert, put it on display, and package it up for your customers.

Create gourmet candy apples with marshmallows, candy pieces, and ribbons of caramel. Whether you want to roll toffee apples in chopped nuts or dip apples in melted chocolate, you’ll find a wide range of toppings to play with. Check out our caramel apple recipe to get started!