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  • Works with bulk foam soap and sanitizer
  • Dispenses more than 2200 times per fill
  • Durable and water-resistant ABS and SAN plastic
  • See-thru windows notify staff when refills are necessary
  • Removable back plate for thorough cleaning
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Outfit your establishment with this 30 oz. white bulk foam hand soap and sanitizer dispenser.

This 30 oz. white bulk foam hand soap and sanitizer dispenser is ideal for your restaurant, school, office building, healthcare facility, or retirement community, because it encourages your employees and guests to keep their hands clean throughout the day. Plus, using this dispenser allows you to purchase foaming hand soap and sanitizer in bulk rather than in individual bottles, saving you money in the long run. By having this product easily accessible in your establishment, you’ll help reduce the spread of germs. Simply mount this product to the wall in your restrooms, or set it out in the hallways of your doctor’s office or hospital.

  • ADA Compliant

    ADA Compliant

    This item meets the criteria established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), helping make your restaurant more accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Wall-Mount Design

This dispenser mounts to the wall, making it easily accessible and highly visible. For best results when mounting this dispenser, use screws to secure the keyhole slots on the back directly to the wall. Or, you can simply stick the dispenser on the wall using the adhesive strip on the back. If using the adhesive strip, please allow 24 hours for the tape to fully adhere before filling the dispenser.

Ideal for High-Volume Use

This product has a 30 oz. capacity and can dispense more than 2200 times before a refill is necessary. Thanks to its large capacity, this product is ideal for your high-volume restaurant, school, office building, or other establishment.

Durable Construction

Made from ABS and SAN plastic, this dispenser boasts a durable construction that is sure to last you for years of service. Also, thanks to its material construction, this product is water resistant and safe for use in damp environments.

Bag-less Reservoir

Since soaps and other liquids can be poured directly into this dispenser, you won’t have to purchase bagged or boxed soaps. This feature makes it an eco-friendly product.

Transparent Front

The front of this dispenser has a blue tinted transparent construction, allowing employees to easily see when soap levels are low.

ADA Compliant

This dispenser features a large push bar along its bottom that makes it ADA Compliant and allows all of your guests to easily access soap or sanitizer.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width:4 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:4 Inches
  • Height:6 1/4 Inches
  • Capacity:30 oz.

Overall User Rating:

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4.6 stars from 38 reviews


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Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Works great and was easy to install! Because we run a business, it would be nice not to have the label on the front of the dispenser. I would pay more for a bottle that doesn't, but otherwise it is a good product!

Tony A. from Blue 42 Sports Grill.Com on 04/15/2020

I love this hand soap and sanitizer dispenser. It's perfect for any establishment whether home or business. It's very easy to install and does the job pretty well

Belize F. on 08/23/2021

These worked good - use foam soap any other kind does not work well - but easy to hang and easy to fill - recommend!

Ryan P. on 01/12/2021

Love these soap dispensers! Was easily able to attach them to the walls with no problem! Also has a large capacity to fill with soap!

Helen T. on 07/17/2020

These soap dispensers were a great addition to our space! Are have a few set up throughout the restaurant. Each one comes with a heart duty sticker for easy placement without tools. Plus, the dispensers are easy to fill with whatever santizer or soap you choose!

Danielle A. from Revival Eastside Eatery on 07/11/2020

These work great! They give out very little per pump which helps cut down on how much product is wasted when guests go crazy, they can get 4 or 5 pumps and get just the right amount. They hold nicely to the wall and are easy to refill!

Pizza F. from The Factory on 05/28/2020

Small compact size for smaller areas, good clean dispensing; overall, the quality is quite nice and the product used to refill is relatively inexpensive and of good quality

Raymond R. from Harvest Park Bowl on 03/26/2020

This thirty ounce white bulk foam hand sanitizer dispenser had saved us hundreds of dollars and multiple headaches. We used to use another brand but with the recent price hikes we installed our own and these are so simple to use.

Daniel S. on 08/31/2019

Unit was easy to install and the lid is easy to remove when you are refilling it. Only downside was when you press the button it makes a high pitched squeak.

Kristal W. from Penny's Beer Garden on 08/12/2019

Our daily driver for employees washing hands before making drinks! Looks nice and professional on the wall and for the price I cant complain. They only thing ill say is the amount of soap that actually comes out with each press is tinyyy. Now if you are trying to save soap thats awesome but if you dont want to push the button like 4 times..may not be the best thing!

Jared from Kino's Coffee on 07/29/2019

These soap dispensers work great! I purchased 3 for my bakery. I would recommend these. The price is great and they were easy to install.

Natasha C. from Kakes4u on 05/30/2019

We have never had soap dispensers before, but I have heard multiple staff members say they love them! It is out of the way and easy to use!

Isaiah M. from FAPC on 04/01/2019

All in all, this is a great soap dispenser. The removable back lets you mount it to the wall and is easily disassembled for quick cleaning. I would give it 5 stars except that it comes with printing on the front, and I'd rather it didn't.

Frank A. from A1 Janitorial Supply on 03/01/2019

These work fine for the price. I don't like the webstaurant branding on the front, but for the price, ease of use, and decent looks it's hard to beat. If you can live without the webstaurant branding on the front then by all means get this dispenser.

Victor C. from Bobaville on 12/22/2018

I bought these not realizing that you needed foaming soap, not regular. As soon as I go throuhj the regular pink hand soap I'll fill with foaming soap. Easiest dispenser to fill on the market.

Derek D. from Libertine- Wankawala Organization on 10/13/2018

This hand soap and sanitizer dispenser from Webstaurant does the job perfectly, and the price is superb. Why pay more? It needs screwing to the wall because the sticky pads are rubbish, but that's always the case.

Rob J. from Mokkinbird LLC on 08/24/2018

Great dispenser, you need to make sure you order the foam soap, it will not work with any other types of soaps, it also indicates it on the actual bottle so your staff doesn't put the wrong soap by accident.

Lizette A. from Carnitas Mexican Restaurant on 07/28/2018

So far, about 2 months, very happy with this soap dispenser. You need to refill it and it's easy to do. I hope my customers don't find out how easy it is to open. It ends up being much more affordable than the ones you get for free, and then need to buy special replacement cartridges which costs a lot more than a simple gallon of hand soap.

Mike C. from Daily Planet Coffee Co. on 06/25/2018

A little too small for a busy place but perfect for employees in the back. I'll say not to use the self stick on the back, use the screws instead.

Efrain V. from PK2 Helados on 06/18/2018

Love this soap dispenser. It looks great in our store bathroom. We've had it for two years and since we're a company that make our own soap we use our own soap in it. & It works perfectly.

L.m. B. from LMBC on 06/05/2018

These 30 oz foam hand soap dispensers are great! What a deal! One came broken but webstaurant sent me a new one right away! They just work, and are quality built! They are sturdy and come with necessary hardware to mount it to a wall or wherever!

Jonathan H. from Ramen Inochi on 05/25/2018

This was easy to install but the amount of soap isn't that much per pump so you need to pump at least 2 times to get a desired amount of soap. Other than that, I use it a lot and I actually bought 2 to install it in the restroom.

Eric W. on 05/07/2018

It is a very good product. I have bought 2 for my restaurant and it works very well! Just keep in mind that you have to use a foam soap.

Victoria L. on 12/20/2017

We use this dispenser for foaming soap for our dishes. I like to have soap in our dish water, but we have this next to the sink to also pump soap on our wash rag.

T A. from Mom's Bakery on 11/16/2017

Can't beat these items for the price and ease of use. Just open the top and pour in the soap. Very convenience item and very easy to use.

Donald W. from Classic Burger Group Inc. on 11/09/2017

It is kind of difficult for me to get foam soap so I regret of buying this dispenser, It is also quite difficult to press and use, even though the price is good

Javier from JAVIER DOMINGUEZ LLC on 08/28/2017

this foam hand soap and sanitize dispenser is very cool packs a lot of soap for my employs. i would recommend this because its very easy to install as well.

Antony S. from TOMMY's on 08/14/2017

Works great with the Novo anti-bacterial foaming hand soap. Easy to install, just peel and stick the unit in place. Refilling is easy as well, just open the top and pour in.

Eric I. from Perry's Pizza on 05/21/2017

I with this dispenser was able to produce a larger volume of foam per pump. It works o.k. as long as you don't mind pumping a few times. I make my own foam soap by mixing one part of liquid dish detergent with two or three parts of water.

Richard W. from Giant Pizza on 04/27/2017

Amazing how this thing turns the proper sanitizer into foam. The adhesive strip on the back securely holds it to the wall allowing us to easily sanitize our hands.

Travis F. from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on 04/26/2017

Very pleased with this foam hand soap dispenser. The soap does not come out too fast, so you most likely have to push the button twice, but I would rather have that than have too much soap coming out.

Kerri R. on 08/19/2016

Love this foam sanitizer dispenser. We have been looking for a while for a refillable foam dispenser, that you can pour the liquid straight into. We couldn't be happier with this find. Wonderful product, and the price is amazing!

Anna M. from Dream Thread LLC on 07/19/2016

This dispenser has worked well for my bar. I do like that it is clear, so you always know when it needs to refilled. It foams well and has reduced my soap cost from previous dispensers.

Lehn D. from The Cornerstone L.L.P. on 03/15/2016

It serves it's purpose, but nothing to get too excited about. The adhesive is garbage. You need to screw it into the wall if you don't want it falling off all the time

Trish M. on 01/26/2016

Sturdy, good looking dispenser that gets the job done. We use it for the restrooms and BOH Keep in mind that it will be a great soap saver! It dispenses a minimal amount of foam soap & of course super easy to install

Laura C. from Bakery Shop on 11/16/2015

We brought a few these foam soap dispenser and placed by all of our hand sinks. We used with the foam soap with this web. They are working well, just it needs to pump a few times to have enough soap.

Zhong T. from Jsmile51 on 10/03/2015

This dispenser is okay. Nothing great, but for the price, it will be alright. The soap doesn't come out very well and the adhesive patches on the back aren't enough to hold the dispenser to the wall. Ours actually fell off and soap went everywhere (and I only had it filled 1/4) while we were gone for the night. We have since drilled screws into it, and it will work fine, just have to pump it 3-4 times for enough soap.

Paulette S. on 07/15/2015

The perfect fit for our food truck. It says 2200 uses when full and I do believe it! Compact size, great price easy to install

William P. from Funky Fresh Food Truck on 06/14/2015

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