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Globe 10 Support

Item #: HP10






Globe 1022 S/S Knife

Item #: HP1022






Globe 1032 Trim Ring

Item #: HP1032


Globe 1041 Cover

Item #: HP1041


Globe 1049 Knife Motor

Item #: HP21049




Globe 1059 Worm Gear

Item #: HP427221059




Globe 1080 Stud

Item #: HP1080


Globe 1083 Space

Item #: HP1083









Globe 110050 Brush

Item #: HP110050



Globe 1106 Key

Item #: HP21106











Globe 1193 Plug

Item #: HP1193





Globe 1202 Knob

Item #: HP1202




Globe 121054 Board

Item #: HP121054


Globe 1211 Bracket

Item #: HP1211





Globe 1250 Stand Off

Item #: HP1250


Globe 1263 Microswitch

Item #: HP21263











Globe 1294 Standoff

Item #: HP1294





Globe 130090 Solenoid

Item #: HP130090




Globe 130205 Cord

Item #: HP130205






Globe 1360 Lever Bracket

Item #: HP579251360





Globe 140011 Relay

Item #: HP140011











Globe 200021 Slide Assy

Item #: HP200021




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