Protective Supplies

Every staff member can stay protected with these exam gloves that fit a variety of hand sizes and dust masks used to protect against airborne particles.

First Aid Kits and Supplies

Always be prepared for a medical emergency by equipping bathrooms, breakrooms, and closets with these first aid kits.

Souffle and Portion Cups & Lids

Easily portion, separate, and transport pills or cough syrups to patients around your nursing home or healthcare facility.

Paper Supplies

Paper napkins and mats offer easy clean-up thanks to their disposable construction, which makes them ideal for large institutions or facilities.

We offer the best healthcare disposables, so you can continue to operate a safe, healthy, and sanitary establishment. If you own a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, or school nurse office, we have you covered. Many of these hospital disposables also come packaged in bulk containers for convenient storage in your office or supply closet. For more great products to use in your healthcare facility, be sure to check out our meal delivery carts, healthcare beverageware, and healthcare china.

Protect Your Employees and Patients by Stocking Up on Hospital Disposables

No matter what type of medical facility you operate, it’s important to have healthcare disposables readily available to your doctors, nurses, and staff members. Our varied selection of healthcare products includes everything from safety supplies for employees to serving supplies for patients. Best of all, these hospital disposables are designed for one-time use for easy cleanup and sanitation.

Exam gloves and respirator masks are some of the most important healthcare disposables. Not only do they help protect your staff members, but they also prevent the spread of infection and disease. Medical bags are also vital for containing biohazardous waste, while first aid kits allow you to treat minor cuts and scrapes. You’ll also need to stock up on disposable medical cups and tray mats, so you can deliver antibiotics and meals to your patients’ rooms at your healthcare facility.