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Servend Flav'R Pic - What's your pic?
Servend Flav'R Pic - What's your pic?

Did you know that the Servend Flav'R Pic can be used to create over 1000 unique beverages? Check out how a few customers use the Flav'R Pic to customize their perfect drink!

Servend Flav'R Pic
Servend Flav'R Pic

Servend Flav'R Pic is an ultra-versatile ice / beverage dispenser great for high volume operations. It dispenses up to 3 ice types and has 32 beverage selections and 16 flavor shots. When combined, these options create over 1000 possible beverages! For more information, check out this video.

Rum Punch by Monin
Rum Punch by Monin

Bring your guests a taste of tropical delight by serving them a rum punch by Monin! Using delicious pineapple, lime, and orange flavors, this drink is sure to please!

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