Dexter-Russell Duo-Glide Paring Knife

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Paring Knives
Paring Knives

Paring knives are essential for a chef – check out our versatile selection of paring knives today! We offer a variety of colors, handles, and blade edges to help meet the needs of any commercial kitchen.

Dexter-Russell Paring Knives
Dexter-Russell Paring Knives

Use Dexter-Russel paring knives to cut, peel, trim, slice, and garnish fruits and vegetables. With several styles to choose from, these knives are guaranteed to satisfy your cutting needs.

Eco Products Sugarcane Clamshell Containers
Eco Products Sugarcane Clamshell Containers

Offering a variety of shapes and size, Eco Products sugarcane containers are ideal for to-go orders in your commercial establishment. Watch this brief video to learn more!

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