7 Reasons to Use the Follett 7 Series Ice and Water Dispensers

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Follett 7 & 15 Series Ice Machines
Follett 7 & 15 Series Ice Machines

This video outlines the unique features and benefits of the Follett 7 and 15 series ice/water dispensers, including drain-free operation, agion-coated surfaces, and models available in countertop, undercounter, and free-standing styles.

Follett 7 & 15 Series Water and Ice Dispensers
Follett 7 & 15 Series Water and Ice Dispensers

Looking for an economical alternative to bottled water in your break area or office? The Follett 7 &15 series water and ice dispensers are a stylish solution! These dispensers are 60% more efficient than cube ice machines and use 75% less water.

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Bakery Boxes

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