Wusthof Commercial Cutlery

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Wusthof Commercial Cutlery Is Functional, Beautiful, and Perfectly Balanced 

Since 1814, Wusthof has contributed to Solingen Germany’s reputation as the City of Blades by preserving and pioneering the art of cutlery in its founding city. What began in a cellar room has grown into one of the most respected knife making operations in the world, exporting cutlery from two Solingen based factories to 80 countries. Wusthof’s founding family has successfully passed their long-term vision on for seven generations, and Wusthof remains family run to this day.  Read more

Wusthof commercial cutlery is the perfected form of man’s oldest tool. Wusthof’s perfectly balanced knives offer chefs worldwide quality cutlery that is as functional to use as it is beautiful. From knives designed to achieve the perfect slice of bread to all-purpose chefs’ knives, Wusthof imbues their collection of commercial kitchen essentials with their unrivaled craftsmanship.