Rely on Vaseline's wide range of products, from lotions and oils to moisturizing jelly and serums.

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Stock your hotel rooms with Dove soap products, a name synonymous with skincare, health, and beauty.

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Provide guests with affordable yet high-quality hotel toiletry products from TRESemme.

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Known for their effectiveness and versatility, Q-tips can be used in first aid kits, cleaning delicate electronics, and more.

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Help ensure your guests enjoy their stay with simple, yet effective products by Pond's, a leading skincare company since 1864.

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One of the oldest suppliers of deodorant in the world, Degree is still known for creating top of the line products for a fresh and clean feeling.

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Trust the Well-Known Brands From Unilever For The Quality You Expect

Unilever produces many of the most well-known consumer brands across multiple categories including personal care and home care. With a history that traces back to the late 1800s, Unilever was formed by the merger of the Margarine Union and Lever Brothers in 1930. By 1980, Unilever had become one of the largest companies in the world.

Today, Unilever owns over 400 different brands used by 2.5 billion people, including Dove, Vaseline, Q-Tips, and Pond’s. You can find Unilever products sold in 190 countries worldwide. The company’s growth and success haven’t dampened a dedication to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Unilever has launched a plan to reduce their environmental impact by half in the upcoming decade.