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Stock Your Rooms with Dove Products for Hotels

Dove is one of the largest producers of skincare, health, and beauty products, and you can find their products all over the world. Dove started out as a soap company that was run by Lever Brothers, who later went on to become Unilever, a major international manufacturer of consumer goods. Since they were originally founded in 1957, Dove’s product listing has grown and diversified, and now they offer a variety of goods that are used in many different industries all over the world. Read more

Dove products are useful for a variety of settings, such as healthcare facilities, hotels, and retirement communities. They offer a wide selection of disposable hotel amenities, which allow your customers to stay clean and refreshed when staying at your establishment. Additionally, Dove products for hotels don’t leave a residue or film, and they’re gentle on skin, which is ideal for retirement communities and patients at healthcare facilities.