Tapatio Sauce Products

by  Kraft Heinz Foods Company

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Add Spiciness to Any Dish with Tapatio Sauce Products

Based in California, Tapatio produces quality hot sauce products that feature an uncompromised taste. Founded in 1971, they boast over 50 years of experience and have grown to become a recognized name and nationwide leader in the hot sauce industry. Fueled by the hard work of their employees and loyalty to their customers, they’ve been able to continue their work towards providing one of the best hot sauces on the market. Read more

Tapatio sauce products are the perfect way to add bold, fiery heat to nearly any dish. Their selection of hot sauces are made from a blend of red chiles, garlic, and other spices to create a delicious taste and medium spice level. Furthermore, many of their sauces are available in user-friendly glass bottles, allowing you to improve your table service.