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Shaffer Venison Farms Venison Meat Products

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Shaffer Venison Farms Venison Meat Products Allow You to Add Classic Farm-Raised Flavors to Your Menu

Located in central Pennsylvania, Shaffer Venison Farms is a family-owned meatpacking company that was founded in 2000. Shaffer Venison Farms is known for providing high-quality meat products that don’t contain any growth hormones or chemicals. Due to their farm-fresh roots, these meat products don’t have the toughness or gaminess that their wild-caught counterparts have. Read more

Shaffer Venison Farms venison meat products are made from animals whose diet contains only all-natural foods. These products not only taste great but will be a nutritious addition to any restaurant’s menu. Just about any establishment stands to benefit from adding flavorful and nutritious Shaffer Venison Farms meat products to their menu.