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Rotisol-France Inc. Rotisseries Deliver Classic French Cuisine and Fast-Cooking Technology

Since 1954, Rotisol-France Inc. has remained an independent family-owned company. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chelles, France produce industry standard rotisserie systems. Over the last 65 years, their product lines and renown have grown, and Rotisol-France Inc. is now the world’s leading designer of advanced rotisserie systems with offices in Europe, the United States, and Poland. Read more

Rotisol-France Inc. rotisseries rotate on the exact speed required for European stye cooking. Their rotisseries continually baste meats, sealing their natural juices, and allowing fat to drip off. After years of intensive use, Rotisol France. Inc. burners will continue to roast average sized chickens in less than an hour.