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Make Special Moments Even Sweeter with Roses Brands Packaged Candies and Sweets

With over 140 years of experience, Roses Brands packaged candies and sweets have been satisfying the sweet tooth of patrons of all ages. Roses Brands encompasses a collection of artisanal candy makers, such as Dryden and Palmer, Richardson's, and Bogdon Confections. Each candy maker recognizes the value of tradition and the importance of innovation, which are reflected in the supreme quality of their range of products. Read more

Each candy maker uses high-quality candy-making techniques to make the artisanal line of Roses Brands packaged candy and sweets. Their products range from classic treats, like the original rock candy dating back to 1880 and the original pillow-soft sugar mint invented in 1883, to newer favorites, like rock candy on a stick and Reception Sticks. Make your customers' desserts more eye-catching than ever with Roses Brands candies.