Rose's Cocktail Mixes, Infusions, & Lime Juice

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Cocktail Mixes for Every Occasion

With a rich heritage that dates back to the late 1800s, Rose's has established itself as the industry leader in the lime juice market. With many cocktail mixes to their name, Rose's makes it easy to enhance the flavor of your cocktails. Their eye-catching bottles look great on your shelf, and the exciting flavors will impress your guests. Because these restaurant supplies are ready to use, they are perfect for high-volume bars and nightclubs that need to keep the drinks flowing. Read more

Catering to a younger crowd in your restaurant or bar? Flavors like Rose’s Infusions blue raspberry and pomegranate twist allow for a bit of an exotic flair in your drink menu. Going for a more sophisticated style? Try out Rose’s Infusions cosmopolitan and dirty olive martini splash drink mixes to serve up a classic drink with modern style.