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Choose Priscilla’s Food Products for a Gourmet Home-Style Taste That Your Guests Will Enjoy

For over 60 years, Carando Gourmet has been crafting home-style, Italian-inspired meals. Carando Gourmet is a family business that is committed to preparing foods with expertise, care, and the finest ingredients. Carando Gourmet has grown to offer a variety of traditional American comfort foods, and today their brands include Priscilla’s, which provides gourmet baked goods to the foodservice industry. Read more

If you’re looking for a home-cooked taste, Priscilla’s food products are an excellent choice. Priscilla’s offers a variety of high-quality, delectable products, including quiche and other savory food items. Whether you operate a dining hall, family restaurant, or diner, Priscilla’s food products provide a premium fresh taste that your customers will love.