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Pegas CrafTap Beer Equipment

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Pegas CrafTap Beer Equipment Helps You Dispense and Serve Premium Beer

Pegas CrafTap was founded with a goal to provide every customer with high-quality bar equipment and draft systems. As a division of The Growler Station, Inc., they’ve expanded their services across the globe to offer beer dispensers, growler fillers, tap towers, and other related draft system technology. Additionally, GS Draft takes pride in being more than just a retailer and offers each customer consulting services as you work to establish your bar. Read more

Pegas CrafTap beer equipment eliminates the hassle and inefficiency that comes with manually filling each order in your restaurant, bar, or pub. Their draft beer dispensers use innovative technology to precisely fill each glass of beer you serve, while growler filers help to eliminate foam, reduce wasted beer, and keep your guests' s orders fresh. GS Draft even offers bottom-fill beer glasses and disposable cups to supplement your establishment's beverage service.