OXO Good Grips Products

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OXO Good Grip Products are Ergonomic and Comfortable to Grip

OXO has been creating problem-solving products for over 25 years. The company founder, Sam Farber, made the first OXO vegetable peeler for his wife when she was having trouble gripping a traditional metal peeler. In 1990, the first OXO kitchen utensils were introduced at the Gourmet Products Show in San Francisco, California. Read more

Ever since the creation of their first ergonomic kitchen tool, OXO has been designing kitchen products to help cooks with their everyday tasks. The OXO product line includes everything from pastry brushes to can openers. An important feature of OXO Good Grips products is their comfortable handles and non-slip grips, which makes them perfect for everyday cooking tasks in commercial kitchens in restaurants, schools, and institutions.