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Original Bagel bread products are made from scratch with premium ingredients to provide the best flavor and texture. Each bagel is given a 12 hour fermentation period, then kettle boiled before being hearth baked to perfection.

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New York Style Plain Bagel

The New York style plain bagel by Original Bagel will make your customers feel like they just stepped out of their favorite NYC bagel shop. Your customers will love the New York style plain bagel for its soft and chewy inside and golden brown outside.

Shop New York Style Everything Bagel

New York Style Everything Bagel

Give your customers the option to purchase a delicious New York style everything bagel from Original Bagel. These bagels have the perfect blend of sesame seeds, onion, garlic, salt, and poppy seeds, and pair perfectly with your favorite bagel toppings.

Shop New York Style Asiago Cheese Bagel

New York Style Asiago Cheese Bagel

Original Bagel makes a perfect New York style Asiago cheese bagel that will entice customers at your restaurant or cafe. Topped with a generous amount of Asiago cheese and toasted to perfection, this bagel is a wonderful option for any breakfast menu.

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Original Bagel Products Are an Essential Addition to Your Breakfast Menu

Starting in a small bakery in Rhode Island, Original Bakery has grown rapidly, and now delivers over 2 million bagels weekly from their state-of-the-art bakery in West Caldwell, New Jersey. Despite their growth, Original Bagel still operates a made-to-order bakery so every bagel is made fresh and immediately frozen for shipping the same day. In addition to providing customers with high-quality bagels, Original Bagel has shown their dedication to reducing their environmental impact by installing dozens of solar panels to power their eco-friendly lighting & refrigeration units.

Serve fresh and premium Original Bagel products at your cafe, deli, bistro, or diner. Original Bagel makes many different flavors of bagels, including classic options like plain, sesame seed, and everything. Additionally, they have more eclectic options like asiago cheese, which are ideal if you’re looking for unique bakery options. You can serve Original Bagel products on their own or as buns to create breakfast sandwiches.