Numi Organic Tea

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Promote Social and Environmental Responsibility while Enjoying a High-Quality Beverage with Numi Organic Tea

Co-founded by an imaginative brother-sister duo, Numi organic tea is a Fair Trade company that values authenticity, creativity, and commitment to humanity and the planet. Numi uses organic, non-GMO products to foster environmental sustainability which protects farmers and Numi tea drinkers. With Fair Trade and Fair Labor certifications, Numi ensures that those involved in Numi tea creation are paid a fair wage and have continually improving workplace conditions. Read more

Numi offers a variety of tea items, including tea bags, loose tea, flowering tea, and iced tea. Numi also carries a range of tea blends to suit a variety of preferences, ranging from herbal, non-caffeinated blends to invigorating, caffeinated options. All Numi organic tea blends are made with 100% real ingredients and never contain any synthetic flavorings, perfumes, or fragrances. Provide eco-conscious and health-conscious guests with Numi tea at your restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel.