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100 Years of Quality Medical Supply

Established in 1840, Medique has been a proprietor of affordable over-the-counter products with recognized name-brands for over a century. Their commitment to quality has led their company to expand and acquire first aid supplies that are at home in any commercial kitchen, warehouse, or business. Read more

Medique's catalog of first aid supplies and kits is both expansive and affordable, offering a variety of widely-known products at competitive prices. They feature more than fifty over-the-counter medicines, bandages, and swabs that are designed to easily fill out first aid kits in any business setting.

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First Aid Kits

Medique First Aid Kits

From industrial settings to company cars, be ready for any emergency with a first aid kit from Medique. These kits contain dozens of supplies to treat a variety of wounds, symptoms, and ailments.

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First Aid Supplies

Medique First Aid Supplies

Cover up fresh wounds, irritated areas, or apply ointments and other medicines with these quality first aid supplies like bandages, eye pads, cotton swabs, and more from Medique.

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