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Add the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Dishes with Maldon Salt Products

Maldon Salt Company has been hand-harvesting their premium sea salt flakes since 1882. Harvested in the coastal town of Maldon in southeast England, their master salt makers use time-honored artisanal techniques to create sea salt flakes with a unique pyramid shape, crunchy texture, and a delicate, clean taste. Maldon sea salt is low in magnesium, accounting for its intense, concentrated flavor and lack of bitter aftertaste that is common in other salts. Read more

Maldon salt products are trusted by chefs across the world for its unique texture and fresh flavor. It is perfect for using as a finishing for nearly any meat, seafood, or vegetable dish as well as a variety of chocolates and desserts. Upgrade any ordinary dish to an extraordinary experience with just a pinch or two of Maldon sea salt flakes.