Magliner Hand Trucks, Carts, & More

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Use Magliner Hand Trucks and Carts to Transport Your Products with Ease

Magliner was founded by Don Law in 1947 and remains family owned to this day. The company operates out of Standish, MI and is dedicated to providing innovative transportation solutions in the form of hand trucks and carts. Magliner has become a world leader in the material handling industry and has built customer loyalty through their excellent service and state-of-the-art products. Read more

Magliner hand trucks, dollies, and carts are highly durable and easy to maneuver in order to make material transportation more efficient for business owners. Each cart and truck is made with long-lasting materials to ensure a high-quality final product. You can find Magliner hand trucks in warehouses, construction zones, and shipping companies around the globe.