Lochinvar Water Heater & Boiler Parts

Repair Your Boiler or Water Heater with Lochinvar Parts

Lochinvar was founded in 1939, and while they're headquartered in Tennessee, they have a Corporate Technology Center in Wisconsin that’s operated through the A.O. Smith Corporation. Access to this technology center enables them to develop innovative new products, putting them at the forefront of the water heater industry. In fact, Lochinvar is the leading producer of energy-efficient boilers, water heaters, pool heaters, and commercial package systems in the United States. Read more

If you need new a new part for your water heater, steam equipment, or other similar appliance, Lochinvar specializes in making parts designed to keep your equipment running reliably. From pilot lighters to ignition controls, you can find all the pieces necessary to maintain a functioning boiler. So next time you need to replace a part on your water heater, remember that it’s Lochinvar’s area of expertise.

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Pilot Burners and Lighters

Lochinvar Pilot Burners and Lighters

Ensure your boiler, range, or other appliance is functioning properly by replacing damaged pilot burners and lighters with Lochinvar parts.

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Pilot Thermocouples and Flame Sensors

Lochinvar Pilot Thermocouples and Flame Sensors

Lochinvar pilot thermocouples and flame sensors are great replacement parts for your commercial oven or gas range.

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Steam Equipment Parts and Accessories

Lochinvar Steam Equipment Parts and Accessories

Stock up on Lochinvar steam equipment parts and accessories to stay prepared for any last-minute repairs in your restaurant.

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