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Founded in 1892, Libbey has become synonymous with quality glassware and tabletop supplies throughout the world. This is due to Libbey’s DuraTuff technology. DuraTuff is a strengthening, heat-treating process that makes glassware more resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock. When glass does break, it ensures it is in large chunks instead of exploding in small pieces, protecting your customers and saving valuable time cleaning up. Read more

Boasting hundreds of products with countless applications, Libbey glass comes in many varieties, so you can find an option for any occasion. From all purpose wine glasses to beer paddles and ash trays, Libbey's extensive catalog of fashionable glasses is guaranteed to complement and accent restaurants, ice cream shops, buffets, and more.

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Decanters and Carafes

Libbey Decanters and Carafes

Versatile and attractive, Libbey decanters and carafes are finely crafted and durable. Their variety of shapes, sizes, and textures makes these Libbey containers ideal for beverages, floral arrangements, and more.

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Beverage Glasses

Libbey Beverage Glasses

Libbey beverage glasses come in dozens of shapes and sizes with a number of designs to add flair to any drink. Great for portion control of soft drinks or mixed cocktails, these glasses are a staple of restaurants.

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Martini & Cocktail Glasses

Libbey Martini & Cocktail Glasses

Excellent for classic liquors and drinks, Libbey martini and cocktail glasses combine an elegant appearance with exceptional durability. Their perfect capacity lets them hold the ideal quantity of classic drinks.

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Stemless Glasses

Libbey Stemless Glasses

Libbey stemless glasses are excellent for almost any business. Their simple design gives them an elegant appearance that helps accent table settings while showing off popular red or white wines for customers.

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