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Les Vergers Boiron Products Help Create Gastronomic Masterpieces

Les Vergers Boiron started as a fruit trading company in Paris and quickly converted their business model to meet the artisanal fruit puree demand from local chefs. High-quality purees that maintained the fruit's original taste, texture, and color were highly desired, and Les Vergers Boiron used their expertise to create specific heat treatments for each puree. Now, Les Vergers Boiron has a multitude of top-quality fruit and vegetable purees to choose from. Read more

Sourced from the best growing regions based on each fruit type, Les Vergers Boiron guarantees perfect, authentic flavors with each puree. Les Vergers Boiron products are perfect for all kinds of dishes, such as savory recipes, desserts, cocktails, and frozen treats. Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, or cafe, choosing true quality ingredients creates a flavorful menu.