KIT KAT Chocolate & Dessert Products

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Give Your Baked Goods the Perfect Final Touch by Topping Them off with KIT KAT Chocolate and Dessert Products

KIT KAT is a classic line of candy products that is produced globally by Nestle, except in the United States where the brand is made under the Hershey Company. KIT KAT dates back to 1935, with the first KIT KAT candy bar being created in York, England. The defining feature of KIT KATS is their ability to break apart, as each wafer in a package is meant to be broken and eaten. Read more

KIT KAT chocolate and dessert products are a versatile way to add chocolate flavors to your restaurant’s dessert dishes. KIT KAT products can be crushed up to top off a sundae, or they can be blended into milkshakes for extra flavor. The bars themselves can also serve as a key ingredient in recipes for foods such as cookies, brownies, and pies.