Karo Food Sweetener Products

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Enhance Your Baked Goods and Sweet Treats with Karo Food Sweetener Products

As the leading national brand of corn syrup, Karo is dedicated to quality. Introduced in 1902 by the Corn Products Refining Company of New York and Chicago, it soon became a household brand throughout the United States. Karo has worked to perfect their recipe over the decades to create the best corn syrup on the market that outperforms its competitors. Read more

Karo food sweetener products’ performance and versatility are unmatched, which is why they remain a staple among chefs, candy-makers, and home bakers alike. Karo’s corn syrup can be used in a variety of applications from controlling texture in candy and frozen treats to enhancing and balancing flavors in sweet and savory dishes. Available in light and dark varieties, trust Karo to enhance your recipe’s taste and texture every time.