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J.T. Eaton & Co. is a family-run business that offers a complete line of products designed to help the foodservice industry control pest problems. Founded in 1932, the company's commitment to quality allowed them to grow, eventually inventing the paraffin bait block that is today used as the industry standard. Read more

From rodents to insects, J T Eaton is a top producer of food service pest control products. Their products are designed to attack a specific pest for optimum results when clearing out an infestation, yielding clean, safe, and sanitary environments that the health inspector will love.

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Flying Insect Control Products and Bug Zappers

J T Eaton & Co Flying Insect Control Products and Bug Zappers

Whether you need to get rid of flies, gnats, or bees, JT Eaton's flying insect control products are the safe and efficient answer. These products use electric lights and zappers to draw insects to them.

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Crawling Insect Control Products

J T Eaton & Co Crawling Insect Control Products

Dispose of ant, cockroach, and other pest infestations quickly, efficiently, and affordably with JT Eaton's ground insect control products.

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