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Soft Pretzels

With options like Bavarian, cheese-filled, and classic, J&J Snack Foods has the pretzels perfect for your restaurant, food truck, or concession stand.

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Perfect for a delicious dessert or mouthwatering treat on the go, J&J Snack Foods churros are an irresistible staple for any food truck, amusement park, or stadium,

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Funnel Cake Fries

Pairing perfectly with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, honey, and more, J&J Snack Foods funnel cake fries offer a unique twist on a favorite carnival snack food.

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From pies to churros and Italian ice to pretzels, delicious J&J Snack Foods desserts are perfect for any restaurant, bar, or food truck.

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J&J Snack Foods Manufactures Delicious Snack Foods and Beverages

J&J Snack Foods got its start when Gerald E. Shreiber purchased the J&J Pretzel Company in 1971 in Pennsauken, NJ. At the time, the company had only 8 employees and $400,000 in annual sales. By 2017, company sales had reached 1 billion dollars.

Known for popular products like ICEE and Slush Puppy frozen beverages, J&J snack foods are probably best known for their pretzels. Pretzel bites, Bavarian pretzels, and stuffed soft pretzels are manufactured by J&J and distributed nationwide. You can find their snack foods and beverages in foodservice kitchens, grocery stores, and convenience stores.