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Isigny Sainte-Mere Wholesale Cheeses Are Handcrafted in France Using Time-Honored Techniques

Hailing from the lush, nutrient-rich lands of the Normandy region in northwestern France, Isigny Sainte-Mere was founded in 1980 when two dairy cooperatives joined forces to preserve the region’s land, community, and history. Using ancient, sustainable techniques that have been passed down through experience and oral tradition, Isigny Sainte-Mere is involved in every step of their products’ processing to ensure top quality and full traceability. Their master cheesemakers handcraft cheeses that can be enjoyed by the novice and connoisseur alike, ensuring that every indulgent bite is rich in French tradition. Read more

Perfect for adding unique ingredients to your restaurant, cheese shop, or winery, Isigny Sainte-Mere wholesale cheeses can be used on anything from charcuterie boards to gourmet burgers. The region’s mild, ocean climate and consistent grass growth provides optimal grazing for Isigny Sainte-Mere's cows. The cows' milk is rich in mineral salts, trace elements, and essential fatty acids, resulting in truly exceptional cheese and other dairy products.