iSi Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers

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Create Innovative Whipped Toppings with Dispensers and Chargers from iSi

For over 50 years, iSi has been a leading producer of pressurized gas systems for foodservice applications. The company is based in Vienna, Austria, but they also have an iSi North America branch that serves the western hemisphere. With a variety of iSi tools to choose from, you can bring creativity to your establishment’s meal services. Read more

With whipped cream dispensers from iSi, you can conveniently top customers’ desserts or garnish plates with espumas. These dispensers come with an assortment of siphon tip shapes and sizes, so you can control the look and flow of your whip. In addition, iSi’s replacement chargers allow you to conveniently replace the pressurized gas needed to produce your foamy toppings.