HERSHEY'S Chocolate & Dessert Products

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Add a Recognizable Taste to Your Menu with Hershey’s Chocolate and Dessert Products

Founded by Milton Hershey in 1894, Hershey’s is one of the world’s most recognizable producers of candy products. Based in Hershey, PA, the company was founded with a belief that to do well is to do good, a belief that has guided their actions for over a century. Through the Hershey Foundation, Hershey School, and numerous other philanthropic ventures, the company strives to give back to their community and inspire improvement worldwide. Read more

Hershey’s chocolate and dessert products are the perfect way to add a sweet touch to your menu or arrangement of products. The company offers a variety of chocolate toppings, allowing you to choose the topping that best fits your menu. Furthermore, their flavoring sauces make it easy to create unique blends of flavors and add a touch of creativity to your menu.