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Commercial Zone Trash Cans & Site Furnishings

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Improve Your Curb Appeal with Commercial Zone Trash Cans and Site Furnishings

For over 50 years, Commercial Zone has been synonymous with high-quality site furnishings. They’re designed to be both attractive and functional to keep your patio or outdoor seating area comfortable and clean. Commercial Zone products are also made with recycled materials, making them eco-friendly additions to your hotel, hospital, shopping mall, or restaurant. Read more

Whether you’re looking to improve your waiting area or set up an outdoor smoking section, Commercial Zone can keep your facility looking great. Decorative trash and recycling containers give customers a designated place to dispose of their waste. Free-standing smokers’ outposts reduce fire hazards and hold cigarette butts and ashes to keep them out of sight. Commercial Zone products provide durable and attractive site furnishings to maintain a pristine curb appeal.