Caulipower Plant-Based Food Products

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Create a Variety of Gluten-Free Dishes by Utilizing Caulipower Plant-Based Products

Caulipower is a fantastic addition for restaurants looking to create a menu for alternative diets, as the company is dedicated to making delicious foods with real cauliflower. The company aims to revolutionize the use of vegetables in food by creating options such as cauliflower pizza crust. Caulipower aims to provide operators with healthy food made with real ingredients, creating healthier menus. Read more

Caulipower plant-based food products are great for restaurants, regardless of whether you want to create a gluten-free menu or add a few healthy items to your offerings. The absence of gluten and animal products in cauliflower crusts means these products can be included in a variety of alternative diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets. Not only are these products great for serving alternative diets, but they are also packed with nutrients, adding some healthy options to your restaurant menu.