Cattlemen's Sauce Products

by  McCormick

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Add Extra Smoky and Sweet Flavors to Your Barbecue with Cattlemen’s Sauce Products

Cattlemen’s is a brand of the foodservice wing of French’s, the company that is best known for their yellow mustard. Cattlemen’s specializes in authentic styles of BBQ sauce, and they’re a convenient option for commercial foodservice establishments like restaurants, diners, and cafeterias. Additionally, Cattlemen’s and French’s are both dedicated to sustainability through reducing their carbon footprint and water usage. Read more

If you’re looking for delicious and authentic regional barbecue sauces for your pulled pork, ribs, or other meats, Cattlemen’s sauce products are the ideal choice. The company makes many different varieties of BBQ sauce, such as Kansas City style, Mississippi style, original, and more, allowing you to choose the option that best matches your recipe. Best of all, Cattlemen’s sauce products come in large, bulk quantities, which are ideal for foodservice establishments that need BBQ sauce for back-of-house usage.