Castello Cheese Products

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Castello Cheese Products Have an Old-World and Traditional Flavor

Castello has a long history of cheesemaking going back to 1893, when the company was founded. The company aims to combine innovative cheese production methods with traditional flavors, which allows them to produce large quantities of cheese that retain their original tastes and textures. Additionally, the company is now owned by Arla Foods, an agricultural cooperative based in Denmark that provides a variety of food products worldwide. Read more

If your restaurant or bistro is looking for high-quality cheese with an authentic, old-world flavor, Castello cheese products are the perfect choice. The company manufactures many different types of traditional cheeses, such as gouda, blue, Havarti, cheddar, and more. Best of all, Castello cheese products are always made with natural ingredients, which give them a wholesome and perfect flavor that’s ideal for foodservice use.