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Make Service at Your Dining Hall or Nursing Home Easy by Serving Bridgford Foods

Starting as a small retail meat market in San Diego in the 1930s, Bridgford has grown into a major meat processing and distribution business that operates all over the United States and in several overseas markets. Throughout their long history, the company has consistently provided customers with fresh, quality, and award-winning food. Best of all, Bridgford Foods are all raised and prepared in the United States, which makes them an ideal option for foodservice establishments that want to support domestic businesses. Read more

Beef jerky, pepperoni, and other sausages are the most popular types of Bridgford Foods, but they offer a large catalog of products. For example, they also carry biscuits and dessert breads, which are ideal for cafeterias, hotels, and nursing homes that want to provide delicious meals to large quantities of customers quickly. Regardless of which type of products you’re looking for, Bridgford Foods are filling and tasty, making them an ideal addition to any commercial kitchen.