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Serve Fresh Lobster Year-Round With Boston Lobster Company Seafood Products

Since 1986, Neil Zarella has been in the lobster business, creating a company that's centered around the East Coast ideology of hard work and dedication to an honest day's labor. Straight from the source where lobsters are famously fresh and abundant, Boston Lobster Company harvests lobsters utilizing a strategic method that supplies the strongest and heartiest lobsters all year-round from their pools located in Nova Scotia. These lobsters are caught in natural salt waters and are shipped to your establishment for the freshest possible tasting lobster. Read more

With their headquarters being conveniently situated near Logan International Airport in Boston, they're able to distribute their high-quality lobsters within minutes. Boston Lobster Company seafood products are of superior quality, so you can feel good about serving their lobsters to your guests. Providing fresh, hard-shell lobsters to businesses everywhere, Boston Lobster Company strives to become one of the most sought-after lobster suppliers in the world.