Astra Coffee Equipment

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Keep Your Coffee Equipment Working Smoothly by Stocking Up on Astra Espresso Parts

Astra was founded in 1993, and they have spent the last 25 years producing high-quality coffee equipment for commercial cafes and restaurants. The business has numerous unique and efficient designs that have won several awards. Additionally, all Astra equipment is manufactured with quality materials to ensure they can handle long-lasting and heavy-duty use in commercial spaces. Read more

If you’re looking for high-quality components to keep your espresso and coffee machines well maintained, Astra espresso parts are the perfect choice. Astra carries a large catalog of replacement parts, such as pressure controls, so you can easily find the right product you need to repair your appliances. Additionally, regardless of which appliance or part you’re looking at, you can be sure that they have the efficiency and reliability that Astra is known for.