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Give the Taste of New Zealand Angus Beef with AngusPure Meat Products

AngusPure was born in the hills of the New Zealand coast, where Angus cattle freely roam on green pastures and graze on sweet grass. Taking care of cattle in such a natural way imparts the beautiful terroir of New Zealand into the beef they produce. The world-renowned Angus cattle are living their lives the way nature intended, and it's ever-present in the final product. Read more

AngusPure meat products are all 100% antibiotic- and hormone-free and are expertly aged to achieve an exquisite taste. In order to ensure freshness, their products are vacuum-sealed and frozen to lock in the exclusive taste of true Angus cattle. Whether you're looking for cases of ground beef or pre-portioned hamburger patties, AngusPure has the high-quality meat products you seek for your menu.