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Give Your Menu an Authentic International Flavor by Using Andre Prost Food Products

For over 90 years, Andre Prost, Inc. has been importing fine and exotic foods to the United States from overseas. The company began when Andre Prost, the son of French parents, began importing French wines and liqueurs to the United States. Over time, Andre Prost, Inc. began to expand, so they diversified their product portfolio and began importing goods from Southeast Asia, Central America, and Europe. Read more

If you’re looking to add authentic international flavors to your restaurant or bistro’s menu, Andre Prost food products are the perfect options. They carry a wide variety of imported food products, such as coconut milk for curries, Danish marzipan for cakes and pastries, and Thai sauces for pad thai. As a result, you can find Andre Prost food products for almost every type of foodservice menu.