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Keep Your Water and Equipment Clean and with Filtration Systems from 3M Filtration Products

3M Water Filtration Products is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of filtration systems and is always looking for new and innovative solutions to the always evolving concerns over water quality in today's society! They are dedicated to offering users a high quality, cost-effective filters that aid in protecting people, equipment, and the environment. Whether you're experiencing issues with scale, sediment, odor, bacteria, or poor taste in your water, 3M Water Filtration Products water softening systems and filters will make those concerns a thing of the past! Read more

Not just for water, 3M Filtration also designs products that provide filtration for food and beverage manufacturing as well as brewing and wine making. Whether you're protecting your foodservice equipment or aiming to produce a quality beverage, clear ice, or spot-free dishware, clean, clear, consistent water is an absolutely critical element to your operation! 3M Water Filtration Products is committed to helping food service establishments lower equipment operational costs while delivering top quality water.