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2000 Flushes Toilet Bowel Cleaner

Choose 2000 Flushes Janitorial Supplies to Keep Your Toilets Clean and Fresh

2000 Flushes was founded in New Jersey in the early 1980s and manufactures the world’s longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaner. They have since joined forces with WD-40, which also owns well-known businesses like Lava, 3-IN-ONE, Carpet Fresh, and Spot Shot. By combining ingenuity, inspiration, and hard work, 2000 Flushes has become one of the industry’s most trusted janitorial brands. Read more

Designed to automatically clean and deodorize your restaurant, hotel, or gym’s toilet bowls, 2000 Flushes products install easily in your toilet tanks. In addition to full-size cleaning chemicals, they also offer ready-to-use portion packs and tabs that make it easy to add the perfect amount of cleaner. No matter what kind of business you own, 2000 Flushes janitorial supplies will keep your toilets spotless and smelling great.

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Ready-to-Use Chemical Portion Packs & Tabs

2000 Flushes Ready-to-Use Chemical Portion Packs & Tabs

Handy 2000 Flushes ready-to-use chemical portion packs and tabs allow you to quickly add cleaner to your toilet bowls and eliminate the need for pre-measuring.

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Restroom Cleaning Chemicals

2000 Flushes Restroom Cleaning Chemicals

2000 Flushes restroom cleaning chemicals include the power of bleach and work continuously to deodorize and clean your restaurant, gym, or bar’s bathrooms.

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