115 Volts True TD-24-7-S 25 inch Stainless Steel Commercial Beer Bottle Cooler

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Store your customers’ favorite cold brews in a beer chest cooler! Your bartender will be able to quickly retrieve beer that’s ice cold every time. Some of our models even have a bottle opener and cap catcher built in! If your establishment serves beer, try using a beer chiller to both store and cool your beverages to make the most out of any kitchen space!

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or club, or if you serve lots of bottled or canned beer, a beer chest is sure to become an essential in your kitchen! With several different sizes to choose from, we’re sure to have one that fits into your kitchen, no matter how much space you have. If your patrons love beer chilled to frosty perfection, we can help you satisfy their cravings!