• Great for snacks or to use in a variety of recipes
  • Adds crunchy texture and nutty taste
  • Pre-sliced halves save prep time
  • Contain essential vitamins and minerals; healthy, unsalted flavor
  • Perfect for every type of establishment from ice-cream parlors to gourmet restaurants
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Add texture and taste to your popular dishes with this Regal Foods 10 lb. bag of dry roasted, unsalted peanut halves!

Save time preparing baked goods and other dishes with these Regal Foods dry roasted and unsalted peanuts that are already chopped into halves! Perfect for your restaurant or bakery's pantry, Regal Foods offers a quality product at a great value. Packaged in a 10 lb. bag, Regal Foods peanut halves are sure to last!

  • Gluten-Free


    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Versatile Ingredient

They're just the right size for a variety of applications, such as topping ice cream sundaes and caramel apples, or garnishing desserts and housemade chocolates. Plus, they're great trail mixes and Asian inspired dishes, such as stir fries or crunchy Thai salads. You can even grind these up to make peanut sauces for dressings or housemade peanut butter for signature desserts!

10 lb. Supply

Perfect for high volume establishments, this 10 lb. supply of peanuts keeps your bakery or restaurant well-stocked for the almond's variety of uses. Plus, with an ample amount, it's easy to quickly measure your almond ingredients or simply grab a spoonful to sprinkle on dishes.

Nutritional Value

Peanuts contain a handful of healthy vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, manganese, vitamin E, and heart-healthy fats. A good source of protein, these peanut halves will boost the nutritional value of your dishes while adding a delicately nutty, nourishing flavor.

Regal Brand

Regal Foods is a smart addition to any kitchen. Known widely for their tasty and affordable flavor additives for virtually any dish, Regal Foods offers products that kick the taste of your food to the next level. Regal Foods' extensive catalog of products includes marinades, cooking sauces, and whole spices. Each item is intended to give your food that little something extra that can help take your most popular dishes from a good meal to a memorable dining experience that a customer won't forget.

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  • Package Size:10 lb.

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Customer Reviews


these are delicious unsalted roasted peanuts at such a great value compared to what i was getting them for before! nice and crunchy, never stale. i would highly recommend.

Jessica M. from Dreamy Treats on 06/27/2020

These are very tasty unsalted and well-roasted peanuts. They will get too dark if you try to cook them much longer so they work for only certain recipes. We use as a topping on stir fry and on ice cream and to make our version of Payday candy bars. Yum!!

Nadia S. on 11/20/2019

These are perfect for making peanut brittle. Also added them to cookies and desert bars. They com in a box that has a resealable plastic bag so it could sit on shelf nicely in the box and keep fresh in the plastic

Teresa S. from Our Store on 09/22/2019

Great buy for dry roasted peanuts! I tried 10lb before I try a larger amount. They are fresh and crunchy. I would buy these again!

Mariko R. on 05/16/2019

The dry roasted peanut halves are awesome and make the best peanut brittle around. The peanuts are fresh and roasted to perfection for a great eating quality.

Ruby N. from Ruby's Retro on 09/13/2018

The dry roasted peanut halves are delicious. The peanuts make a great brittle and the perfect topping for desserts. They are fresh and crispy. Great value.

Chris L. on 01/30/2018

A really great product with the dry roasted peanut halves. They are great for making our peanut brittle and are fresh and crisp upon arrival.

Gary from Price Proudce on 12/07/2017

Delicious and fresh! Good quality peanut! Packed well! We used these peanuts for candy apples, yogurt and sundae bar toppings, as well as our salad bar.

Jennifer M. from Florian Food Service on 11/29/2017

Great quality nuts at reasonable prices. The quality is great and are perfect for baking. The dry roasted peanut halves make the best peanut butter ice cream parfait. They are crunchy and fresh.

Jo P. on 10/26/2017

these peanuts are delicious. They are unsalted and roasted without being too overly roasted they have a very full nutty flavor! They also are great for cooking, grinding, baking and icecream topping.

Twins A. on 10/12/2017

A wonderful case of dry roasted peanut halves that are very good quality. A great addition to our peanut parfait and also to our trail mixes. Always fresh!

Jonathan P. on 09/02/2017

Just received these today and promptly took a cup, put them in the food processor and made all natural peanut butter. I added no oil, no salt, nothing and it turned out fantastic. If you blend it long enough, it does become peanut butter. Very fresh smelling and tasting. Packaged nicely. Great bargain.

Juanita F. from The Vermont Soap Barn on 02/25/2017

These are good peanuts. We use them to top our peanut butter pie as a garnish. We also use them chopped up with vanilla icing on our old fashioned long john donuts..

Patricia H. on 02/24/2017

I'm very happy with my price purchase on these 10 pounds dry roasted peanuts they taste great great for running up and putting on top of desserts or toasting off and putting on salads

Bistro L. from Place To Be Bistro on 02/19/2017

Such a great price for dry roasted peanut halves. Has such a wide variety of uses from topping to incorporating into recipes. The taste is great too.

Luciana T. on 02/14/2017

Regal foods peanut halves , 4 star for the packing if it was better packing , i would give 5. good price considering other products

Cengizhan K. from Aslan Khan LLC on 02/09/2017

Excellent quality and a great price! The peanuts tasted very fresh not to mention, very tasty as well. The quality you'd expect from a name brand at a fraction of the cost!

William G. from The Voodoo Kitchen LLC on 01/03/2017

These are good. They are unsalted but roasted. They aroma is beautiful. The amount is quite a bit. The quality is great and so is the cost. I used these to make homemade natural peanut butter. The more peanuts you add then the less, or none, oil you'll need to add because peanuts have their own natural oil. I used 3 cups and then added stevia to taste after it had buttered. It is nothing but roasted peanuts and stevia. These also made a darker nut butter than the ones I've made from shelling, time consuming and monotonous, my own. These were convenient and tasty.

Tonya L. on 12/15/2016

I bought these dry roasted peanuts to try and make my own peanut butter. I threw the peanuts in the food processor and let it run until the peanut butter was creamy and smooth. It tastes much better then store bought peanut butter and there are no added chemicals.

Robert H. on 12/08/2016

What a great price for the amount of peanuts that you get! I really like these for the price and the taste as good as well. They do come rather hole which is wonderful because they're not in tiny little pieces.

Erica D. from Small And Simple Confections on 08/04/2016

Perfect for making PB! These peanuts arrived promptly, were well packed, and are, well, peanuts! They smell great, taste great, and are definitely the best price around. Looking around (before I found these) I found 5 lbs. for more expensive than you'll pay for these. Definitely a great value & a must buy.

Aileen G. on 07/20/2016

This large bag of dry roasted peanut halves is very fresh tasting and has no added salt which is preferred in that is can be added if needed. It can be used on ice cream sundaes or alone.

Gloria L. on 03/04/2016

I think you enjoy these peanuts they are good peanuts I ordered a 10 pound bag but you have to be careful i order unsalted mistakenly but they are still good

Ronnie H. on 01/03/2016

The great price on these peanuts keeps us reordering. The peanut quality is better than expected for such a great price and they are excellent in baked goods. We primarily use these around the company lunch table and the staff enjoys the free food snacks offered. A happy staff is a productive staff! These peanuts definitely have less salt than the big brand name peanuts, but we find that to be a health benefit.

Ward T. from Edinboro Creations on 06/13/2015

These peanut halves are perfect for the salt-conscious consumers. They make a wonderful Peanut Brittle, and with a few seconds of microwave warming, they taste fresh roasted.

Iva W. on 06/02/2015

These dry roasted peanut halves are fresh and pack lots of flavor. They taste similar to the peanuts on top of ice cream or brownies.

Geraldine C. on 08/05/2014

Great tasting and the beer drinkers just love these, they are not too salty kinda just right, and the bag is big and last for a while, great price too.

Richard G. from Green Zone B & G on 06/04/2014

I just got these peanuts yesterday and I'm very satisfied with the amount I got, especially for the price. I like the convenience of having them outside of the shell already, already roasted, so that's a bonus, and they taste much more flavorful than other peanuts I've used.

Jeany L. on 02/13/2014

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