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  • Mounts on the ceiling of your Nor-Lake walk-in refrigeration
  • Adds more centralized light
  • Reduced heat output
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • 120V; 39W
Shipping: Usually Ships in 10-14 Business Days
Nor-Lake NOR152117 Specs
Length 49 Inches
Voltage 120 Volts
Wattage 39 Watts
Type Lamps

Customer questions about this product

Is this part something I can install myself?
This item should be installed by a qualified service technician with the proper training necessary to install this part.
Is this an OEM part?
Yes. This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.
What is the difference between an OEM part and an OEM-equivalent part?
An OEM part is the original component that was made for your equipment.

We also sell parts that are equivalent to OEM products, but are not genuine OEM. Each type has its own merits – these are some things to consider when making the decision between OEM and OEM-equivalent parts:

• Using an OEM part guarantees that you will comply with any valid manufacturer’s warranties and agency approvals on your product. An OEM-equivalent part may or may not offer the same guarantees.

• OEM-equivalent parts are built to the same specifications as the original part and are often available at a lower price point. In some cases it may even be sourced from the same location as the OEM part, though this will vary from item to item.
Can the utility type or production date of my equipment affect whether or not this part fits?
Sometimes, but not always, factors like the voltage, fuel type, and serial number may determine whether or not a particular part will fit your particular unit. We do our best to provide the most up to date information possible on our site but we cannot guarantee that this will clarify every possible scenario. If you need additional confirmation that this part is the correct one for your unit, we recommend consulting product literature for your equipment to identify the correct part.
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Nor-Lake NOR152117 Details

Add more light to the interior of your Nor-Lake walk-in refrigeration unit with the Nor-Lake 48" LED lamp! Your walk-in comes with one door-mounted LED light already, but you might find that adding more lighting to the ceiling of your walk-in will provide better visibility, allowing you to find the items you need and take daily counts on your stock. This 48" LED lamp mounts to the ceiling of your unit with the included installation hardware and has a reduced heat output so that it doesn't increase cooling costs. LED lights are more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting and have an increased lifespan, saving you money over time. With more lighting installed, your staff will be able to load the walk-in more quickly on truck days, as well as locate the items they need on a daily basis.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 49"
Width: 3 1/2"
Height: 2 1/8"

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

  • Hardwired


    This product must be hardwired; it does not plug into a standard wall outlet.

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Nor-Lake NOR152117

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Warranty Info

This item is subject to a 90 day parts warranty. All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer discretion.

Compatible Models

Nor-Lake KODF77810-W
Nor-Lake KODF77610-W
Nor-Lake KODF88-W
Nor-Lake KODF88-C
Nor-Lake KODF810-W
Nor-Lake KODF810-C
Nor-Lake KODF7788-W
Nor-Lake KODF7768-W
Nor-Lake KODF7766-W
Nor-Lake KODF7756-W
Nor-Lake KODF7746-W
Nor-Lake KODF68-W
Nor-Lake KODF68-C
Nor-Lake KODF66-W
Nor-Lake KODF66-C
Nor-Lake KODF612-C
Nor-Lake KODF610-W
Nor-Lake KODF610-C
Nor-Lake KODF56-W
Nor-Lake KODF56-C
Nor-Lake KODF46-W
Nor-Lake KODF46-C
Nor-Lake KODF45-W
Nor-Lake KODF45-C
Nor-Lake KODF1014-C
Nor-Lake KODF1012-C
Nor-Lake KODF1010-C
Nor-Lake KODB88-W
Nor-Lake KODB88-C
Nor-Lake KODB814-C
Nor-Lake KODB812-C
Nor-Lake KODB810-W
Nor-Lake KODB810-C
Nor-Lake KODB7788-W
Nor-Lake KODB7768-W
Nor-Lake KODB7766-W
Nor-Lake KODB7756-W
Nor-Lake KODB7746-W
Nor-Lake KODB68-W
Nor-Lake KODB68-C
Nor-Lake KODB66-W
Nor-Lake KODB66-C
Nor-Lake KODB614-C
Nor-Lake KODB612-C
Nor-Lake KODB610-W
Nor-Lake KODB610-C
Nor-Lake KODB56-W
Nor-Lake KODB56-C
Nor-Lake KODB46-W
Nor-Lake KODB46-C
Nor-Lake KODB45-W
Nor-Lake KODB45-C
Nor-Lake KODB1014-C
Nor-Lake KODB1012-C
Nor-Lake KODB1010-C
Nor-Lake KODB77810-W
Nor-Lake KODB77610-W
Nor-Lake KLX88-W
Nor-Lake KLX88-C
Nor-Lake KLX810-W
Nor-Lake KLX810-C
Nor-Lake KLX7788-W
Nor-Lake KLX7788-C
Nor-Lake KLX77810-W
Nor-Lake KLX77810-C
Nor-Lake KLX7768-W
Nor-Lake KLX7768-C
Nor-Lake KLX7766-W
Nor-Lake KLX7766-C
Nor-Lake KLX77612-W
Nor-Lake KLX77612-C
Nor-Lake KLX77610-W
Nor-Lake KLX77610-C
Nor-Lake KLX7756-W
Nor-Lake KLX7756-C
Nor-Lake KLX68-W
Nor-Lake KLX68-C
Nor-Lake KLX66-W
Nor-Lake KLX66-C
Nor-Lake KLX612-W
Nor-Lake KLX612-C
Nor-Lake KLX610-W
Nor-Lake KLX610-C
Nor-Lake KLX56-W
Nor-Lake KLX56-C
Nor-Lake KLX46-W
Nor-Lake KLX46-C
Nor-Lake KLF88-W
Nor-Lake KLF88-C
Nor-Lake KLF8788-C
Nor-Lake KLF87810-C
Nor-Lake KLF8768-C
Nor-Lake KLF8766-C
Nor-Lake KLF87612-C
Nor-Lake KLF87610-C
Nor-Lake KLF814-C
Nor-Lake KLF812-C
Nor-Lake KLF810-W
Nor-Lake KLF810-C
Nor-Lake KLF7788-W
Nor-Lake KLF7788-C
Nor-Lake KLF77814-C
Nor-Lake KLF77812-C
Nor-Lake KLF77810-W
Nor-Lake KLF77810-C
Nor-Lake KLF7768-W
Nor-Lake KLF7768-C
Nor-Lake KLF7766-W
Nor-Lake KLF7766-C
Nor-Lake KLF77612-C
Nor-Lake KLF77610-W
Nor-Lake KLF77610-C
Nor-Lake KLF7756-W
Nor-Lake KLF7756-C
Nor-Lake KLF7748-C
Nor-Lake KLF7746-W
Nor-Lake KLF7746-C
Nor-Lake KLF7745-C
Nor-Lake KLF771014-C
Nor-Lake KLF771012-C
Nor-Lake KLF771010-C
Nor-Lake KLF68-W
Nor-Lake KLF68-C
Nor-Lake KLF66-W
Nor-Lake KLF66-C
Nor-Lake KLF612-C
Nor-Lake KLF610-W
Nor-Lake KLF610-C
Nor-Lake KLF56-W
Nor-Lake KLF56-C
Nor-Lake KLF46-W
Nor-Lake KLF46-C
Nor-Lake KLF45-W
Nor-Lake KLF45-C
Nor-Lake KLF367-W
Nor-Lake KLF367-C
Nor-Lake KLF366-W
Nor-Lake KLF366-C
Nor-Lake KLF1014-C
Nor-Lake KLF1012-C
Nor-Lake KLF1010-C
Nor-Lake KLB88-W
Nor-Lake KLB88-C
Nor-Lake KLB8788-C
Nor-Lake KLB87814-C
Nor-Lake KLB87812-C
Nor-Lake KLB87810-C
Nor-Lake KLB8768-C
Nor-Lake KLB8766-C
Nor-Lake KLB87614-C
Nor-Lake KLB87612-C
Nor-Lake KLB87610-C
Nor-Lake KLB8488-C
Nor-Lake KLB84814-C
Nor-Lake KLB84812-C
Nor-Lake KLB84810-C
Nor-Lake KLB8468-C
Nor-Lake KLB8466-C
Nor-Lake KLB84614-C
Nor-Lake KLB84612-C
Nor-Lake KLB84610-C
Nor-Lake KLB814-C
Nor-Lake KLB812-C
Nor-Lake KLB810-W
Nor-Lake KLB810-C
Nor-Lake KLB7788-W
Nor-Lake KLB7788-C
Nor-Lake KLB77814-C
Nor-Lake KLB77812-C
Nor-Lake KLB77810-W
Nor-Lake KLB77810-C
Nor-Lake KLB7768-W
Nor-Lake KLB7768-C
Nor-Lake KLB7766-W
Nor-Lake KLB7766-C
Nor-Lake KLB77614-C
Nor-Lake KLB77612-C
Nor-Lake KLB77610-W
Nor-Lake KLB77610-C
Nor-Lake KLB7756-W
Nor-Lake KLB7756-C
Nor-Lake KLB7748-C
Nor-Lake KLB7746-W
Nor-Lake KLB7746-C
Nor-Lake KLB771014-C
Nor-Lake KLB771012-C
Nor-Lake KLB771010-C
Nor-Lake KLB7488-W
Nor-Lake KLB7488-C
Nor-Lake KLB74814-C
Nor-Lake KLB74812-C
Nor-Lake KLB74810-W
Nor-Lake KLB74810-C
Nor-Lake KLB7468-W
Nor-Lake KLB7468-C
Nor-Lake KLB7466-W
Nor-Lake KLB7466-C
Nor-Lake KLB74614-C
Nor-Lake KLB74612-C
Nor-Lake KLB74610-W
Nor-Lake KLB74610-C
Nor-Lake KLB7456-W
Nor-Lake KLB7456-C
Nor-Lake KLB7446-W
Nor-Lake KLB7446-C
Nor-Lake KLB741014-C
Nor-Lake KLB741012-C
Nor-Lake KLB741010-C
Nor-Lake KLB68-W
Nor-Lake KLB68-C
Nor-Lake KLB66-W
Nor-Lake KLB66-C
Nor-Lake KLB614-C
Nor-Lake KLB612-C
Nor-Lake KLB610-W
Nor-Lake KLB610-C
Nor-Lake KLB56-W
Nor-Lake KLB56-C
Nor-Lake KLB46-W
Nor-Lake KLB46-C
Nor-Lake KLB45-W
Nor-Lake KLB45-C
Nor-Lake KLB367-W
Nor-Lake KLB367-C
Nor-Lake KLB366-W
Nor-Lake KLB366-C
Nor-Lake KLB1014-C
Nor-Lake KLB1012-C
Nor-Lake KLB1010-C
Nor-Lake KL88
Nor-Lake KL8788
Nor-Lake KL87814
Nor-Lake KL87812
Nor-Lake KL87810
Nor-Lake KL8768
Nor-Lake KL8766
Nor-Lake KL87614
Nor-Lake KL87612
Nor-Lake KL87610
Nor-Lake KL8488
Nor-Lake KL84814
Nor-Lake KL84812
Nor-Lake KL84810
Nor-Lake KL8468
Nor-Lake KL8466
Nor-Lake KL84614
Nor-Lake KL84612
Nor-Lake KL84610
Nor-Lake KL814
Nor-Lake KL812
Nor-Lake KL810
Nor-Lake KL7788
Nor-Lake KL77814
Nor-Lake KL77812
Nor-Lake KL77810
Nor-Lake KL7768
Nor-Lake KL7766
Nor-Lake KL77614
Nor-Lake KL77612
Nor-Lake KL77610
Nor-Lake KL7756
Nor-Lake KL7748
Nor-Lake KL7746
Nor-Lake KL771014
Nor-Lake KL771012
Nor-Lake KL771010
Nor-Lake KL7488
Nor-Lake KL74814
Nor-Lake KL74812
Nor-Lake KL74810
Nor-Lake KL7468
Nor-Lake KL7466
Nor-Lake KL74614
Nor-Lake KL74612
Nor-Lake KL74610
Nor-Lake KL7456
Nor-Lake KL7446
Nor-Lake KL741014
Nor-Lake KL741012
Nor-Lake KL741010
Nor-Lake KL68
Nor-Lake KL66
Nor-Lake KL614
Nor-Lake KL612
Nor-Lake KL610
Nor-Lake KL56
Nor-Lake KL46
Nor-Lake KL45
Nor-Lake KL367
Nor-Lake KL366
Nor-Lake KL1014
Nor-Lake KL1012
Nor-Lake KL1010
Nor-Lake KODF8788-C
Nor-Lake KODF87810-C
Nor-Lake KODF8768-C
Nor-Lake KODF8766-C
Nor-Lake KODF87612-C
Nor-Lake KODF87610-C
Nor-Lake KODF7788-C
Nor-Lake KODF77814-C
Nor-Lake KODF77812-C
Nor-Lake KODF77810-C
Nor-Lake KODF7768-C
Nor-Lake KODF7766-C
Nor-Lake KODF77612-C
Nor-Lake KODF77610-C
Nor-Lake KODF7756-C
Nor-Lake KODF7746-C
Nor-Lake KODF771014-C
Nor-Lake KODF771012-C
Nor-Lake KODF771010-C
Nor-Lake KODB8788-C
Nor-Lake KODB87814-C
Nor-Lake KODB87812-C
Nor-Lake KODB87810-C
Nor-Lake KODB8768-C
Nor-Lake KODB8766-C
Nor-Lake KODB87614-C
Nor-Lake KODB87612-C
Nor-Lake KODB87610-C
Nor-Lake KODB7788-C
Nor-Lake KODB77814-C
Nor-Lake KODB77812-C
Nor-Lake KODB77810-C
Nor-Lake KODB7768-C
Nor-Lake KODB7766-C
Nor-Lake KODB77614-C
Nor-Lake KODB77612-C
Nor-Lake KODB77610-C
Nor-Lake KODB7756-C
Nor-Lake KODB7746-C
Nor-Lake KODB771014-C
Nor-Lake KODB771012-C
Nor-Lake KODB771010-C

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