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  • 5 lb. honey from the nectar of wildflower blossoms
  • Perfect for cooking and baking
  • Deep, rich honey flavor
  • Easy-grip plastic container
  • Ideal alternative to standard sugar
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Add a touch of sweetness to your bakery, restaurant, or cafe with this Monarch's Choice 5 lb. wildflower honey.

Bring the floral scent and sweet, lightly tart flavor of wildflower blossoms to your menu with this Monarch's Choice wildflower honey! Whether your establishment specializes in farm-to-table fare or homemade-style baked goods, Monarch's Choice brings bold flavors and nutrients from the honeybees to the table. Buying in bulk also saves you money and ensures your establishment is always fully supplied with this flavorful sweetener.

  • Gluten-Free


    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

  • OK Kosher

    OK Kosher

    This product is certified Kosher by OK Kosher.

Versatile Ingredient

This wildflower honey is a delicious way to get creative in the kitchen! Its fragrant flavor and velvety texture makes it the perfect complement to a variety of savory dishes, from classic honey-baked ham and sweet breads to sticky honey-glazed chicken! You can also experiment with layering it into decadent yogurt parfaits, blending it into sweet smoothies, or dissolving a spoonful into a steaming hot cup of tea. No matter how you choose to use it, your patrons are sure to love its sweet taste and subtle tang!

Rich, Dark Color

This pure honey is collected from sweet honeycomb and is free from unwanted additives. It is a naturally gluten free sweetener with a distinctive sweet flavor and floral undertones.

Convenient Flip-Top Cap

To seal in freshness, this black cap snaps securely into place and has a small opening so you can easily control the amount of honey you use. Packed in an easy-to-grip plastic container, you can store this honey at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Great Alternative to Sugar

With a slightly darker color and deeper flavor than tableside honey, this wildflower honey is great for stirring into batters and kneading into dough for delectable cakes and lightly sweetened breads. Because it is so sweet, less honey is required to sweeten baked goods than sugar, making it a cost-effective option. Plus, this natural sweetener is a great way to offer "clean-label" products that conscious customers will love!

Trusted Brand

Whether you run a specialty bakery, cafe, or restaurant, Monarch’s Choice has the honey you need to create your signature dishes. A part of Regal Foods, this company offers the high-quality products and low prices you’ve come to expect. Monarch’s Choice has the specialty ingredients you need to give your guests the unique experience they want from your establishment.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

Is crystallization normal in honey?
Yes, crystallization can occur with all honey. How quickly honey crystallizes depends on the type of honey and the storage temperature. It is recommended to store honey at room temperature or warmer to prevent crystallization.

If your honey crystallizes, it can be reversed by simply placing the honey container in a warm pot of water, setting the stove to medium-low heat, and stirring until the crystals return to liquid.
Is this honey raw?
No it is not raw. This honey is homogenized, or mixed in heat, and pasteurized to 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, while raw honey has not been heated or filtered after it has been extracted from the hive.

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Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

The Monarch's Choice Wildflower Honey 5 lbs tastes great and it smells and tastes like it was just placed in the bottle. The consistency is exceptional.

Abby G. on 10/13/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I love this delicious wildflower honey to drizzle on top of my smoothie bowls. What a great price! The price is absolutely great and unbeatable!

Roshy K. from La Vie En Roshy on 09/08/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

A great tasting honey at a great price. The wildflower honey is very mild in taste and squirts out so smooth. Perfect for adding to teas or pastries.

Jonathan P. on 08/18/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I been using honey for what seems like forever, and always bought in local stores which is more costly. this honey is excellent....not only price wise but great robust flavor!

Dominic N. on 08/16/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Delicious honey, especially for the price, just watch out how you store it, as mine is already starting to clump a bit and get those weird air pockets.

Joseph N. on 07/04/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This is real, good quality honey. The FDA has stated that any product sold as honey must still contain its pollen; dirt cheap 'honey' from grocery stores often has the pollen ultra-filtered out to hide its questionable origins. At a price this good, I had my doubts that this would be genuine honey, but it is! If you look at it under the microscope, you can actually see the pollen grains.

Samantha R. on 07/03/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This honey is delicious, and it comes at the very lowest price you can find any where on the Web. Try different varieties and flavors.

Raymond A. on 05/17/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This honey has a beautiful color in the container. It looks darker than the regular store bought. We have been using this for glazes and it offers an amazing flavor.

Bridgette P. on 04/26/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

If you’re anything like myself than you probably have a fairly high appreciation for all things honey. Honey acts as a less refined and more natural sweetener than regular sugar. This wildflower honey is no exception to that rule as the flavor is phenomenal and the consistency is perfect for any and all cooking needs.

Maurice W. from Smofried.Com on 04/18/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

As soon as it arrived, the Monarch's Choice Wildflower Honey 5 lb. from Webstaurant Store got appropriated for home brewing. My friends thought it was the best honey they'd brewed with yet.

John S. on 04/15/2016

4.5 star. My everyday go to honey but it does seem to crystalize faster than other Monarch Choice honey that I have (Alfafa, Buckwheat, All-Natural).

Ling X. on 11/18/2021

Monarch's Choice 5 lb. Wildflower Honey tasty really sweet and its great to put on almost anything, from fruit to bread I’m really happy with my purchase and I recommend it

Mohammed from Jama on 04/08/2021

Thai honey is ear marked for a special batch of home fermented beverage. I am looking forward to it's deep flavor becoming part of the fermentation very effective.

Karl T. on 01/14/2021

This wildflower honey is Amazing, love putting it on top of my Pancakes. Great price you can't go wrong with it. will order Again...

Pooh B. on 11/21/2020

Taste is pure and perfect. Love the size. We like the packaging as it’s easier to hold in our hands. Easy pop off top. Recommend over oatmeal and to use with granola

D Y. on 08/12/2020

Monarchs choice wildflower honey is so great.The only problem is which one to choose.The Orange Blossom is wonderful.So I recommend trying them both because they are both awesome

Carol L. from Taco Pupps on 06/11/2020

Great flavor and easy-to-use size that is not too heavy or awkward. Easy to pour straight from the spout in the lid. Love the dark color.

Michelle S. from MS on 06/02/2020

This honey has a very good flavor. I'm not crazy about clover honey, I find the flavor to light in baked goods. But this is just right to pick up the taste in my honey lemon pie.

Alicia J. from Rebel Cupcake on 05/24/2020

This honey is a great value. We use it for our compound butter, for our BBQ sauces, and for quite a few other things that we serve.

Josh N. from Beast And Bottle on 12/03/2019

This a good price on some high quality honey that you can use for tons of different recipes. Perfect for hot tea and baking among other things.

Andrew B. on 05/22/2019

Great product with affordable cost. I am a returning customer trying out the various flavours. No complains and will recommend to others and re-purchase more.

Kimberley C. on 05/13/2019

I use this mainly for sauces. The flavor is amazing and not bitter at all. Goes great when making honey mustard. I copy cat the Chik Fil A sauce and it comes out very well.

Hai N. on 03/05/2019

Wonderful rich dark wildflower honey in a handy plastic jug. 10/10. You cant find honey at this quality and price anywhere where I live. A++

Philip V. on 01/10/2019

This honey is sweet! :) It has a beautiful texture to it and a very sweet and kind of creamy also profile to it. Goes very well with teas.

Antony N. on 11/28/2018

Anyone need honey? This is the stuff to buy. It's a great deal for delicious, bulk honey and is good for sweetening hot coffees and using as an ingredient.

Nate E. from Downtown Donuts on 09/25/2018

I love the smooth and sweet taste of wildflower honey. It is very versatile and makes any tea or baked good taste delicious. I would purchase this again.

Sara K. on 08/18/2018

I can easily say Monarchs Choice brand is the best honey brand which I used in 2 years time. It’s convenient usage is a extra.

Mustafa T. from WOM Coffee LLC on 08/01/2018

The darker the honey the better it is in regards to taste and it can compliment any dessert or drink or even just by itself if you like honey by itself.

Jan on 01/15/2018

The Monarch Choice wildflower honey is awesome .The flavor is great . Great price too. We will be buying more of this in the near future

Ryan H. from Devonshire Industries LLC on 01/11/2018

This wildflower honey gives you more sweetness and more of an earthy taste. It’s great for tea or baking because the sweetness is so dense.

Reginald on 12/05/2017

I love this flavor! One of my favorites for sure. I was glad to find this here and delivered right to my door was the best part yet.

Person O. on 11/14/2017

This is a good staple honey. It has a light floral taste and smell that comes through raw. When baked, there is no flavor differential. Great value.

Stacy M. on 10/30/2017

An all around great product as far as taste and price goes. I love it and use it every morning on my bagels and in my coffee.

Jo P. on 10/26/2017

Wildflower honeys can be different due to the season and thus which types of wild flowers and such are used. This one is darker than the average honey. It has a stronger flavor too. It is a then good for cooking and baking, especially savory dishes.

Tonya L. on 01/07/2017

This honey tastes fantastic. I use it all the time when making tea, on warm biscuits, or in hot toddies. Great purchase for the money spent.

Jeff C. on 11/03/2016

I needed a slightly stronger taste of honey in my BBQ sauce blend for the market this product delivered the fact that it is Wildflower tends to lend a more robust flavor. Great product.

Garry W. from Jobabyllc on 10/30/2016

This honey is good. The flavor is a hint of spicy and tastes just like other good wildflower honeys that I have tasted. The value is good and I would order again.

Forest L. on 05/29/2016
0 out of 1 found this review helpful

This is a wonderful wildflower honey at a great price. We use honey in our baked goods, as a flavor enhancer for tea, and also to help soothe a sore throat. Even young children like the flavor of honey. We started using it when our son was about 4 and he still uses it with his older children. This is a very flavorful floral honey. I love it my morning tea.

Mardee B. from Floral Creations on 04/04/2016

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