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  • 5 lb. honey collected from certified organic beehives and wildflower blossoms
  • Perfect for sweetening tea and baking
  • Rich honey flavor
  • Easy-grip plastic container
  • Ideal alternative to standard sugar
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Add a touch of sweetness to your bakery, restaurant, or cafe with this Monarch's Choice 5 lb. organic wildflower honey.

Looking to purchase bulk organic honey? This Monarch's Choice organic wildflower honey is perfect for your bakery or restaurant! Whether your establishment specializes in farm-to-table fare or homemade-style baked goods, Monarch's Choice brings bold flavors and nutrients from the honeybees to the table. Buying in bulk also saves you money and ensures your establishment is always fully supplied with this flavorful sweetener.

  • OK Kosher

    OK Kosher

    This product is certified Kosher by OK Kosher.

  • Gluten-Free


    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

  • USDA Organic

    USDA Organic

    This organic agricultural product has been produced, processed, and certified to consistent national organic standards as set forth by the USDA’s Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) and the National Organic Program (NOP).

Versatile Ingredient

This organic honey is a delicious way to get creative in the kitchen! Its fragrant flavor and velvety texture makes it the perfect complement to a variety of savory dishes, from classic honey-baked ham and sweet breads to sticky honey-glazed chicken! You can also experiment with layering it into yogurt parfaits, blending it into sweet smoothies, or kneading it into dough to create decadent pastries. No matter how you choose to use it, your patrons are sure to love its sweet taste and subtle tang!

Organic, Flavorful Honey

Collected from organic certified wildflower blossoms that have not been exposed to herbicide or pesticide applications, this bulk organic honey is a must-have sweetener for health-conscious consumers. Naturally gluten free, this pure honey is free from unwanted additives.

Convenient Flip-Top Cap

To seal in freshness, this black cap snaps securely into place and has a small opening so you can easily control the amount of honey you use. Packed in an easy-to-grip plastic container, you can store this honey at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Great Alternative to Sugar

This organic honey is great for stirring into batters and kneading into dough for delectable cakes and lightly sweetened breads. Because it is so sweet, less honey is required to sweeten baked goods than sugar, making it a cost-effective option. Plus, this natural sweetener is a great way to offer "clean-label" products that conscious customers will love!

Trusted Brand

Whether you run a specialty bakery, cafe, or restaurant, Monarch’s Choice has the honey you need to create your signature dishes. A part of Regal Foods, this company offers the high-quality products and low prices you’ve come to expect. Monarch’s Choice has the specialty ingredients you need to give your guests the unique experience they want from your establishment.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

Is crystallization normal in honey?
Yes, crystallization can occur with all honey. How quickly honey crystallizes depends on the type of honey and the storage temperature. It is recommended to store honey at room temperature or warmer to prevent crystallization.

If your honey crystallizes, it can be reversed by simply placing the honey container in a warm pot of water, setting the stove to medium-low heat, and stirring until the crystals return to liquid.
Is this honey raw?
No it is not raw. This honey is homogenized, or mixed in heat, and pasteurized to 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, while raw honey has not been heated or filtered after it has been extracted from the hive.

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Customer Reviews

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

If you're not real particular about honey and don't plan to eat it raw but plan to use it for baking, then this would be fine for you.

Deborah B. from Doing Life Better on 10/24/2016

Monarch's choice organic wildflower honey is so delicious in your tea or coffee, and even on you foods... like on top of biscuits or even on top of your vanilla ice cream cone as a delicious treat. We even serve this at our restaurant the customers love this honey!

Mandy B. on 07/16/2021

I purchased this honey because I wanted to try it out before spending on a bigger size. The flavor is delicious with great consistency. Definitely will be buying the bigger size. Also, I’m very happy with the time of shipping.

Geraldine W. on 11/19/2020

Delicious honey! Superb quality and flavor. For the size, you can't find a better deal. Enhances the flavor of anything it's added to, even on it's own, it's delicious!

Sara V. on 10/26/2020

Very high quality honey. Love that it is organic. You really can’t beat the price of this honey. It is a nice size container that is easy to use. This is not our first bottle, and it will not be our last. I highly recommend.

Jared H. on 10/20/2020

Great product. We make our own honey mustard and the flavor of this honey is amazing. The price is very reasonable. Definitely will be ordering this again.

Priti N. from Blaze N Grill on 10/08/2020

Excellent honey, monarchs choice its definitely a good brand that offers affordable products with excellent quality as well. Wildflower honey has a beautiful aroma and taste.

Nathalie B. from Mermelada Caracas on 07/08/2020

This honey is great. Has a real organic taste and the whole family liked it. We really recommend it for all honey lover. Its really great!

Lamin J. on 06/09/2020

Purchased a case of this honey and it will surely last a long time. The honey is decent quality and packaging was very good. Thanks!

David F. on 05/14/2020

This is a high end mix of wildflower honey and organic farmed honey. The difference is simple no pesticides or herbicides. I would call this a tasting honey.

Steve H. from Das Grillen Haus on 11/18/2019

Having honey is great, but having organic honey is better! Going organic for the few extra dollars goes a long way with customers. Nice taste!

Jonathan I. from The Salad Shop on 01/06/2019

Like the large size offering. Even though it is heavy, the grip handle makes it much easier to pour and the cap is great at limiting the mess of honey dripping down the side of the bottle. Loving the organic certification, though I am not sure how Monarch can control where the bees fly, ensuring what they are consuming is in fact non-GMO. It has a darker color and more bold flavor characteristic of a buckwheat honey, it would be nice to know the main flora and fauna in the bees area. The consistency is great, adds to the ease of pouring and use in recipes.

Alyssa H. from Nut Mylk LA - Pop-SEED on 08/24/2018

Taste of Monarch’s Choice Organic honey? OH MY GOD! We are consuming more than selling it. Irresistible taste is waiting in the bottle for you

Mustafa T. from WOM Coffee LLC on 08/01/2018

This honey will meet your every honey need. Perfect for a sugar substitute for low-glycemic recipes or in your tea. The five pound container is a cheaper option than a small "store bought" size, but without the hassle of a 5 gallon bucket.

Joshua E. on 07/16/2018

This honey has an excellent rich flavor. I love that it is organic and still very reasonably priced. Works well for all cooking;/baking needs. Great product and price!

Nathaniel from Domestic Life Concepts on 07/02/2018

Wow! This is delicious honey, and it's organic! Super excited to have found it! I got this one and a clover, but this one was extra sealed and came fully intact, unfortunately the other one didn't...

Gage F. from Hatteras Bowls on 03/31/2018

Wow!!!!, fragrant flavor, Nice test and color, We have enough Honey for all our family to enjoying it. We paid less and gain lots, It really worthy shopping. The order received fast and on time. Thanks

Abdolmahdi N. on 03/25/2018

The Monarch's organic honey is amazing and the tastes is so fresh and natural. A great honey for our bakery and bagel shop. Great for dipping and using in our recipes.

Rich M. from Round Bagel on 03/06/2018

Great! This was an exciting find! Honey goes great on many dishes. It is a nice natural sweetener that has a long shelf life as well as many flavoring options.

Person O. on 11/14/2017

The Monarch's choice organic honey is perfect for our tea club. The organic honey is a great price and has a really wonderful and pleasant taste.

Jo P. on 10/26/2017

We love this honey! It is an exceptionally good value for 5 lbs of organic honey. I'm using this for some elderberry recipes for us and am so happy with the amount of honey for the price. Great flavor, and it never goes bad.

Jennifer M. on 10/26/2017

You can't help but be skeptical about items that you have never used but boast great quality and taste. This product was no different. I was amazed though that you can see the thickness and consistency and it tastes the same, if not better, than any other organic honey for close to half the price. You honestly can not go wrong with purchasing this product.

Abby G. on 10/12/2017

I love this delicious organic monarch honey to drizzle on top of my smoothie bowls. What a great price! I would definitely recommend buying this.

Roshy K. from La Vie En Roshy on 09/08/2017

Very rich and smooth flavor. I use this from baked goods to tea and the sweetness is wonderful. Easy to pour. Easy to use flip cap for small amounts or remove the lid for large pours.

Kami R. on 08/30/2017

Your customers will love the option of getting organic honey to top their waffles, fruit, or put into their tea. We squirt it out into little ramekins and serve it warmed on the side for easing pouring. A great buy and find.

Jonathan P. on 08/18/2017

I was skeptical at first because of the price, but tastes like any honey I can get in the midwest. It's a strong heavier honey flavor.

James H. on 06/30/2017

Such a good deal on organic honey!!! This is a huge container and definitely goes a long way! I have bought a smaller bottle to serve it from to customers. Again, being able to offer organic honey at counter service and not pay an arm and a leg is great in my book!

Chris G. on 05/05/2017

Awesome value for organic honey. I am saving so much money after discovering this product on webstaurant. I am paying 50% less than I was from a local source.

Nick B. on 04/20/2017

Delicious organic honey fantastic I got a great price on this I'm highly impressed it's the licious to reuse it and everything Google wrong with organic honey

Mike R. from N/A on 01/13/2017

It is good. It is best for baking, especially the savory dishes. Organic labels have become very popular so that is a plus for those who care about such things.

Tonya L. on 01/07/2017

This honey has a great flavor. It has a pretty strong flavor comparable to raw honey. Great in coffee and baking applications. Will continue to order

Cheyenne C. on 12/21/2016

What a famous deal on organic honey that is such a large size that I split it up for family and friends to use instead of sugar in teas and other drinks.

Gloria L. on 09/21/2016

Looking for an economical honey to use in teas as a sweetener. Great tasting and great price! Whether in tea or on a biscuit, great flavor!

Storm C. on 09/01/2016

Purchased the Monarch's Choice honey because we were looking for a good organic honey to use in our baking products. This honey has a great color, taste, and consistency that was perfect for our snacks. I'll be buying more!

Jordan B. on 08/30/2016

Really like it. Best tasting and thick and very healthy. I use for everything including mixing with drinks for pancakes or any other uses. Organic tates much better

Wilson G. on 08/25/2016

Quickly becoming our favorite honey! We used to favor a clover honey from Costco, but Monarch's Choice Organic Honey is undeniably equal / better. Monarch's honey is darker and thicker than the clover honey.

Ullacarin J. on 06/30/2016

Honey, you want to buy this Honey! This is thick and wonderful! I was so pleased with my purchase, the price is great and the quality is excellent. I love it!!!

Lenarae L. on 06/04/2016

Another one of our faves, the Monarch's Choice Organic Honey 5 lb. from Webstaurant store is thicker and tastes better than the stuff we were buying - and it costs considerably less.

John S. on 04/15/2016

Great flavor, easy pour AND it's organic! Just an all around fantastic buy. Might I add that on all products like this, Webstaurant store puts this special tape over the lids to ensure nothing opens or becomes loose during shipping. A great idea and a fantastic product

Jason from Fitfoodnj on 02/23/2016

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