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  • Safe shelter design attracts mice
  • Rodent enters side hole and follows a pathway to the main trap holding area
  • Humane option for disposing of mice
  • Trap doesn't require bait and can be reused
  • Sturdy galvanized steel construction
  • Clear lid makes it easy to identify any captured rodents
  • Up to 55% narrower than standard traps
  • Can catch up to 9 mice at a time
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Repeater, Speedy Clean, and Little Pete Multiple Catch Mouse Traps

Repeater, Speedy Clean, and Little Pete Multiple Catch Mouse Traps

I'm James Rodriguez with JT Eaton. What I'm going to show you now is our multiple catch traps. We have our Repeater, our Speedy Clean, and our Little Pete line. We have our solid lid, we have our clear lids, we have our powder coated units. The great thing about these units is that they catch multiple mice at once time. The larger units can catch up to 30 mice at one time. The smaller units we can catch about 7 mice at one time with a single placement and a single device. We have folded edges, and we also added pop-down feet for high moisture areas. With our Speedy Clean units, we have something a little different. We have traps that you can actually pull out so you can clean the device so it's nice and sanitary. The powder units are great because they keep your device looking great for a long time. It's a true powder coating. It's baked on so dust and grime doesn't stick to it. These multiple catch devices, simply place it along the wall. See that little hole right there? Place that right along the wall because that's where mice like to run. When they see this opening, it's nice and dark, the mouse is going to go inside of here and he's going to think it's a harborage area, so place it right along the wall. The other item that we have is our 430 locking device. What you're able to do with the 430, is you're able to wrap it around a pole, a tree, a bush, and it locks right in place. In some areas where there's nothing to lock it to or there's nothing to secure it around, what we did is add this small washer so you can actually screw it to the wall so your traps stay in place and it locks it using a simple key with a half turn, and they fit on every one of our devices. Repeaters and Little Petes are easy to use and service. Require no bait to catch live mice. Trap like a pro! For more information on pest control and tips from a professional, please visit JTEaton.com. JT Eaton, a family-owned company serving the professional industry since 1932.

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Learn about JT Eaton's lines of mouse traps! They each catch multiple mice at one time, helping to keep your establishment pest free.

JT Eaton Little Pete

JT Eaton Little Pete

Hi, I’m Dill Baker, and this is the new Little Pete from JT Eaton. The Little Pete has several features and benefits. First and foremost, as you can see, the edges are double-folded so there’s no more cuts. It’s half the size of your standard multiple catch live trap, so you can put it in places you wouldn’t be able to put the standard Repeater or other multiple catch live trap. These are great for kiosks, for retail areas, or even for loading docks and/or warehouses so that forklifts can’t get close enough to the wall to smash these. As you can see, these new Little Petes actually hold a thin strip blue board, which is called our universal blue board. A universal blue board comes in your standard size multiple catch live trap glue board. It happens to be perforated into three segments so that you can easily detach this, and then remove them to fit securely inside of the Little Pete or your standard multiple catch live trap. In addition to that, there is a three-sided observation holes, so that you can see what’s happening inside or monitor for other insects. Little Pete’s available in a galvanized solid lid, galvanized lid with an observation window, tough skin, powder-coated black with an observation window, tough skin, black solid lid, and tough skin, white, powder coating solid lid.

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Learn more about JT Eaton’s Little Pete and see how all its features and benefits are perfect for your establishment! Choose from a variety of options and styles.

J T Eaton & Co 423CL Specs
Length 10 1/4 Inches
Width 3 9/16 Inches
Height 1 3/4 Inches
Material Metal
Target Pest Mice
Type Multiple Catch Traps

J T Eaton & Co 423CL Details

This JT Eaton 423CL Little Pete multiple catch mouse trap features a clear viewing lid so that you can quickly and easily identify when a critter has been captured! This trap does not require any bait because the appearance of a safe and secure shelter draws in mice all on its own. It's designed so that rodents enter through one of the side holes, go through a door they can't reopen, and follow a ramp into the main area, where they're trapped.

It is 55% narrower than standard multiple catch mouse traps, making it even better-suited for tight spots and high traffic areas! In spite of its 10 1/4"L x 3 9/16"W x 1 3/4"H dimensions, this trap can catch up to 9 mice at a time. The lid then easily opens and closes, allowing you to dispose of the captured pesks in a clean and humane manner. After emptying the unit, it can easily be reset for continued use, making it a cost-effective solution for getting rid of mice. Use the JT Eaton 423CL Little Pete multiple catch mouse trap as a long-term solution for your pest problem.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: JT Eaton 423CL Little Pete Multiple Catch Mouse Trap with Clear Lid - Galvanized Steel

    5.0 stars from 10 reviews


    People Talk About:

    trap mice mouse great Little nice release rodents traps around
    Amazing! Put this in the chicken coop, and we trapped over 50 mice in one night! We also put one in the garage, and cleared out 15 mice within a weeks time.
    The trap is set, just like that, doesn't need any bait or anything, it came ready to use right away, although i didn't know whether it will works or not. I hope it works, finger cross
    This is a nice metal mousetrap for catching multiple critters. This trap allow the rodent to enter but then traps them inside until you release them. Nice humane way to get rid of mice.
    This is a quality steel mouse trap and a humane way to catch mice. Mice enter trap and can't escape until you open the lid to release them.
    The mouse trap is a classic design and seems generally well made, especially for the great price. My one worry is that the window seems a bit thin, and I am afraid captured rodents might try and chew through it, so I will probably buy the non window version of this trap in the future.
    This mouse trap is great for catching little mice that might be running around your house. I like this product because it allows you to release the mice back into the wild unharmed.
    This is a nice quality live mouse trap for any home or business. The mice enter into the trap and then can’t get back out until you release them. Humane way of catching mice.
    Safe to use around children and pets. Slim enough to without being in the way. We use them in the garage and basement when the weather gets cool and if we see any signs of mice.
    This white, clear lidded JT Eaton Little Pete multiple catch mousetrap is great. I love that you don't have to open the trap to see if anything is in it. It minimizes the handling of rodents, and is not as gnarly to clean up as a spring loaded trap.
    This is a nice little mouse catcher I like how small it is the other ones that I got were kind of big but they work well so I figured I'd get a small one for the little guys

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